Takakeisho Tentative about Aki Opening Day

Takakeisho tentative about opening day (9/8) of Aki Basho… Postponing practice until after the 27th

Takakeisho, recently demoted from Ozeki to Sekiwake, was not present for practice at Chiganoura-beya (located in Tokyo’s Taito Ward) on the 20th. He has been postponing practice until after the new banzuke comes out on the 27th. Dohyo construction was scheduled for the 21st, and to allow for this, practice has been postponed until the banzuke is revealed. Delays in construction are cause for concern.

Currently, Takakeisho is working on strength training. When asked about Takakeisho, Chiganoura-oyakata (former Komusubi Takamisugi) said, “He has only been doing ‘chest-lending’ exercise, but my sumo-intuition tells me that this will change.” He said that Takakeisho will likely do some belt practice within the next week.

Takakeisho, as a newly promoted Ozeki, fully withdrew from the Summer Basho in May due to a right knee ligament injury. Only serving as Ozeki for 2 basho, he fell back to Sekiwake. If he secures at least 10 wins at the Aki Basho he will be able to return to Ozeki, but ever since the Natsu Basho he has not returned to normal practice.

Translated from Sankei Sports: https://www.sanspo.com/…/news/201…/sum19082105010001-n1.html

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