Top-Ranked Kakuryu, absent from day one due to slipped lumbar vertebrae

Grand Sumo Kyushu Basho — Opening Day — November 10th — Fukuoka Kokusai Center

East Yokozuna Kakuryu (34, Michinoku-beya) will be absent from the opening day of Kyushu Basho.

A doctors note was turned into the Japan Sumo Association today, “due to a recurrence of slipped lumbar vertebrae, Kakuryu will require rest for 14 days.”

Because of Kakuryu’s unusual disappearance, Hakuho (34, Miyagino-beya) became the only Yokozuna for this year ending tournament.

Kakuryu’s stablemaster, Izutsu-oyakata (former Sekiwake Sakahoko) died in September. For this basho, Kakuryu had to transfer from Izutsu-beya to Michinoku-beya.

His scheduled day 1 opponent, new Komusubi Asanoyama (25, Takasago-beya) will pick up the default win. The Sumo Association is working on reorganizing a match for Kakuryu’s day 2 opponent, West Maegashira 1, Okinoumi (34, Hakkaku-beya).

The other top division wrestler sitting out of this tournament is East Maegashira 12, Ichinojo (26, Minato-beya).

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