Goeido Pulls Out After Ankle Injury

East Ozeki Goeido (33, Sakaigawa-beya) will be absent from day 2 of Kyushu Basho due to a left ankle injury. He sustained the injury in a losing bout against Komusubi Endo.

Translated from: https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201911110000108.html

According to Goeido’s stablemaster, Sakaigawa-oyakata (former Komusubi Ryogoku), he is not planning to return part way through the tournament, so most likely he will be kadoban for the 9th time at Hatsu Basho in January. Sakaigawa-oyakata explained that the pain has increased since the initial injury, and Goeido is using crutches because he is unable to weight bear on that foot.

“It’s a real disappointment. I knew it was bad with the awkward way he fell. He’s not the type to show that he’s in pain, but I can definitely see it in his face.” Sakaigawa said.

This will be Goeido’s 10th kyujo, the last time being during Nagoya Basho back in July. His day 2 opponent, Maegashira 1 Okinoumi, will receive the default win.

West Juryo 6, Ichiyamamoto (26, Nishonoseki) is also kyujo. He injured his left knee in a day 1 loss to Kyokutaisei. This will be his first kyujo ever. His opponent for day 2, Kiribayama will get a default win.

The kyujo list from Juryo and above has reached 4 wrestlers, including Ichinojo.

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