Sekiwake Tochinoshin and Makuuchi Debutant Wakatakakage Withdraw

Sekiwake Tochinoshin, who was aiming for a return to Ozeki, will be absent from the November tournament starting day 5 after he sustained an injury in his right upper abdominal region.

Translated from:

Tochinoshin was demoted to Sekiwake after posting losing records at the two previous tournaments. He had a chance to climb back to Ozeki this month by winning 10 or more matches. His performances on day 1 and 2 of this basho were lackluster, losing them despite achieving his preferred left hand outside grip in both matches. After defeating Takarafuji and evening up his record to 2-2 on day 4, it is said he injured his right upper abdomen.

Tochinoshin reported that he would be absent from the tournament from day 5. This will be his 10th kyujo; his last one being from the Nagoya basho earlier this year. If Tochinoshin does not return to competition during this tournament, his Ozeki return hopes for the January tournament will be reduced to zero.

Brand new top division wrestler Wakatakakage will also withdraw after injuring his right foot during his 4th consecutive win. He sustained the injury during a match against Terutsuyoshi. Not able to stand on his own, Wakatakakage was brought back to his stable using a wheelchair.

The conclusion from Wakatakakage’s medical examination was that he had a dislocation in his instep area, and treatment will take about a month. This information has been reported to the Japan Sumo Association and he will be absent from day 5 of the tournament. This will be the first kyujo for Wakatakakage who first stepped on the dohyo in spring of 2017. His match for day 5, Kagayaki, will win by default.

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