Smooth Start to Ura’s Second Comeback Tournament

Former top division wrestler, (now Jonidan 28) Ura, scored a quick and easy victory in the first match of his second comeback tournament after knee surgery. After securing an instantaneous inside grip and backing Jonidan 27 Sorakaze directly to the edge, the tachiai was ruled a false start. On the second attempt he didn’t bother with the belt but easily replicated the last results with a simple pushing attack, winning by oshidashi in less than a second.

Quick oshidashi win for Ura of Kise-beya

“I was a bit nervous. I wasn’t sure of my opponent’s strength going into the match, and I got flustered by the false start. I thought it was a false start, but I knew I should only show a will to fight, and I wanted to continue the bout that way.” said Ura.

He had surgery on his right knee during last years Hatsu Basho, and come the November tournament after 5 basho absent, he made a return to the dohyo. Still unable to fully participate in training, Ura’s true potential will no doubt become apparent in his current situation.

“Having been seriously injured twice now, I’m being cautious. I can’t see into the future, so I’ll just focus on acquiring kachikoshi. I want this year to go perfectly without any knee problems.” said Ura, reciting his new year’s resolution.

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Ura vs. Sorakaze video:

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