Ringside Judge Injured in Collision with Falling Wrestlers

Asakayama-oyakata (former Ozeki Kaio) was injured while serving as ringside judge during the Makushita division bouts on day 12 of the New Year tournament. The Okinofuji vs. Amakaze match ended with both rikishi — 160.5 kilos and 186 kilos respectively — falling off the dohyo and colliding with Asakayama. Complaining of excruciating hip pain, “It sounded like something broke,” the grimacing head judge explained. The 47 year old stablemaster couldn’t get up on his own after the incident and was transported by wheelchair to the Kokugikan’s medical office, then later to a Tokyo hospital. Tamagaki-oyakata will be serving in his place from day 13 onward.

See video: https://youtu.be/82rAobE1Klw

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