Ura’s Climb Back to the Top

A day 11 oshidashi against Akinoyama (of Takadagawa-beya) saw former top division rikishi Ura (Kise-beya) add a 6th consecutive win to his bid for promotion to the Makushita division for May.

“He was pretty heavy,” said Ura, looking back on the moment he collided with the over 190 kilo (~420lbs) Sandanme 10. Ura, who is now at Sandanme 30, finished the bout with an oshidashi after slipping and circling to the left to avoid the bigger man’s charge. The difference in skill between a wrestler who has survived top division battles and one who has not was certainly on display.

Haru Basho 2020 is Ura’s 3rd tournament back after recovering from surgery on his right knee. With January’s perfect 7-0 Jonidan championship, he is looking at blowing right through Sandanme with the same score if he can only win his last match. Other zero loss title contenders in his division include relative veteran and Kise-stablemate Sd 64 Nankairiki and Sd 84 Chiyodaigo (Kokonoe-beya).

“A promotion to Makushita would be so nice. I’ve definitely been wanting to climb higher. And of course I want to focus on winning my remaining bout,” said Ura. Not to let too much optimism show however, he maintained a stern expression, “I can’t say I’m content with my current rank.”

As of day 11, Ura has lost only one out of 20 matches across 3 tournaments since his return in November 2019.

Source: https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202003180000314.html

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