No Plans to Cancel Summer Sumo

Spokesman Shibatayama-oyakata clarified on Sunday that sumo officials are still gunning for a Natsu Basho starting on May 24th. These comments on the back of bad news from Takadagawa stable have us wondering if this is in any way safe.

After a nerve wracking two weeks, during a month when most major sports were already on indefinite hold, the sumo association congratulated itself on getting through the entire Spring meet virus free. Shortly after though, the inevitable first case of corona came out. Six more cases were revealed this past week, including Takadagawa-oyakata and his own Juryo division wrestler, Hakuyozan, making the two week postponement of Natsu Basho seem quite the mild measure.

“As we’ve said before, we do not intend to give up on the May tournament. We’d like to hold it as planned,” explained Shibatayama in a phone interview.

Much like the case in early April where little was known about the wrestler’s condition once admitted to the hospital, Shibatayama has no information on the progress of the others hospitalized late last week.

“I’m not able to ask Takadagawa how he’s doing right now,” said a perplexed Shibatayama, “I know we’re hoping for a quick recovery. Other than that I’ve heard nothing.”


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