Natsu Banzuke is Published!

As scheduled, the rankings chart was published early on the 27th. 695 wrestlers representing 45 stables make up the ranking chart for May. The top division ranks are listed here with a stable and origin discussion below.

EndoMaegashira 1Yutakayama
TakanoshoMaegashira 2Onosho
TakarafujiMaegashira 3Kiribayama
KagayakiMaegashira 4Aoiyama
AbiMaegashira 5Hokutofuji
EnhoMaegashira 6Ryuden
TerutsuyoshiMaegashira 7Tokushoryu
IshiuraMaegashira 8Chiyotairyu
TamawashiMaegashira 9Ikioi
KaiseiMaegashira 10Myogiryu
ShimanoumiMaegashira 11Tochinoshin
SadanoumiMaegashira 12Shohozan
TakayasuMaegashira 13Kotonowaka
KotoshogikuMaegashira 14Wakatakakage
KotoshohoMaegashira 15Chiyomaru
NishikigiMaegashira 16Kotoeko
TerunofujiMaegashira 17Kotoyuki

The stable with the most representation is of course Sadogatake-beya, with 37 rikishi. Since there are about 40 wrestlers at Sadogatake, practice has been split up into two groups based on wake-up time to avoid over-crowding the training area. With five rikishi ranked in Makuuchi, three of whom are making their debut, Sadogatake has the most top players.

In second place for most rikishi on the banzuke is Kise-beya with 35. Notable among them is Tokushoryu, coming down from a career high rank after his surprise Makuuchi yusho in January. Kise is tied with Kokonoe-beya for second most salaried level wrestlers (6), with only Oitekaze having more (7) in that category.

Other stables with 20 or more: Tamonoi-beya (28), Sakaigawa (25), Takadagawa (24), Kokonoe, Takasago, and Hakkaku (23 each), Oitekaze (21), and Shikoroyama (20).

The top ten prefectures represented are as follows: “Tokyoites” enjoy majority status with 56 wrestlers hailing from the capital. Osaka with 39, Aichi (37), Hyogo (36), Fukuoka (32), Kanagawa (31), Chiba (29), Kagoshima (28), Saitama (25), and Kumamoto (23). As expected, the four locations that hold basho are among the top five rikishi producers.

Known to be Yokozuna factories, Hokkaido-prefecture and Mongolia are tied with 22 wrestlers on the rankings chart. Georgia with two, and Brazil, China, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Philippines, Ukraine with one wrestler apiece make up the remaining international wrestlers.


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