Stablemaster and Wrestlers Recover from Corona!

On the 30th, spokesman Shibatayama told reporters that stablemaster Takadagawa (pictured), Juryo wrestler Hakuyozan, and the four anonymous lower division rikishi that had been hospitalized at the same time had all undergone treatment and retesting for COVID, and would be cleared to go home soon. When exactly they will be discharged has not been communicated yet.

“The tests came back negative,” said a relieved Shibatayama-oyakata, “I’m glad it didn’t go on longer.”

About the unnamed lower division wrestler who was found with the virus on April 10th, “It seems there’s a trend towards recovery, but he has been undergoing treatment for a while now,” said Shibatayama, for lack of any new information.

With the likely extension of Japanese national state of emergency, many assume that this year’s Natsu Basho, already postponed until May 24th, will not actually happen. Still, “I can’t really say anything when nothing has been decided,” said Shibatayama.

“We don’t really know what will happen with an extension (of the state of emergency). But we want to consider everything carefully, because our association does have a major influence on the rest of society. We have to make sure to do the right thing.”


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