Another “Izutsu Brother” Passes

Fukuzono Yoshimasa, a former Juryo wrestler who went by Kakureizan, has been found dead in his Tokyo home at the age of 60. The cause of death was acute heart failure.

He was the son of 13th generation Izutsu-oyakata, and brother of Sakahoko (late Izutsu-oyakata #14) and Terao (Shikoroyama-oyakata). Debuting in the spring of 1975 and (naturally) fighting out of Izutsu-beya, Kakureizan climbed through the divisions, reaching Juryo in six years.

With a powerful morozashi he learned from his father, and being the oldest of the popular “Izutsu brothers,” Kakureizan was expected to reach the top division. After a shoulder dislocation though, Kakureizan had reached his limit, and in 1990 he retired. Shortly after leaving sumo, he opened up “Terao,” a tea house in Sumida Ward, Tokyo.

Pictured left to right, Sakahoko, Kakureizan, Terao

His middle brother, Sakahoko (Fukuzono Yoshiaki), who succeeded his father as head of Izutsu-beya in 1994, died last September of pancreatic cancer. He was 58. The only surviving Fukuzono brother is the youngest, Shikoroyama-oyakata (former Terao).

A funeral service for Kakureizan has already been held among close family.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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