Hakuho Remains Cautious, Takakeisho Resumes Full Contact Training

On the 27th, Yokozuna Hakuho relayed information on his current condition and state of mind with this month’s Natsu Basho having been canceled, and over a month and a half to prepare for the relocated July tournament. On Tuesday, Takakeisho also gave details on his progress.

“While we battle the unseen virus, I have had a lot of things on my mind,” said the Yokozuna, “I want to get my mind and body in sync.”

While a few other stables may have already begun phasing it back into their training, charging practice is still on hold for Miyagino-beya. Tokyo’s official state of emergency has come to an end, but, Hakuho continues to practice self restraint. “I am still being careful while sharpening up my body little by little,” he told reporters.

Giving his thoughts on holding July’s tournament without spectators, the same way as in March, “I’ve had that experience, and I was praying all the while for sumo from day 1,” he said, “Everyone was doing their part to help prevent the spread. That’s how we were able to get through it. Since the July basho will be the same, we’ll go into it while directing our best efforts towards safety and prevention.”

Several stables have resumed charging practice, including Shibatayama-beya, according to Shibatayama-oyakata, and Chiganoura-beya, home of Ozeki Takakeisho. Takakeisho states that he has been preparing as usual for the upcoming tournament while, “adding in just a little charging practice… at my own pace.”

Nikkan Sports 白鵬7月場所へ思い「心と体を合わせ」自己管理徹底
Nikkan Sports 貴景勝 ぶつかり稽古再開「自分のペースで地道に」

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