Sakaigawa Wrestlers Pull Woman from River after Suicide Attempt

On Friday morning around 5:30, a man yelled for help after spotting a woman fall from the Fureai Bridge over Kena River. It appeared to be an attempted suicide. Not 30 seconds away from the bridge stands Sakaigawa stable where morning practice has been pushed back to 7am due to the virus. Sakaigawa-oyakata, hearing the distressed calls of the man passing by, quickly alerted his sleeping tenants.

The younger wrestlers startled awake and immediately got to work pulling the woman from the river. She was then transported to the hospital and was said to be conscious and without life-threatening injury.

After the dramatic rescue was over, Sakaigawa-oyakata had little to say. “She should not be bothered,” he emphasized, thinking of the rescued woman’s mental state, “We did the right thing, but it was nothing more than what should be expected of a man.”

Source: Nikkan Sports

Image: Kena River (Wikipedia)

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