Tochiozan Retires

On Wednesday, former Sekiwake Tochiozan (Juryo #2 on current banzuke) of Kasugano-beya announced his retirement from sumo competition in a remote conference with his stablemaster Kasugano-oyakata. It was revealed that he will stay on as a coach, taking on the elder name “Kiyomigata.”

“I’ve done nothing but sumo since I was a kid, so I feel sad,” said Tochiozan, believing he’s reached the best stopping point in his 15 year career.

The 33 year old has been ranked in the highest division in sumo a total of 77 times, 25 of which were spent in Sanyaku. Scoring only 3 wins at the last tournament which took place in March, Tochiozan dropped to his current position in the Juryo division.

His career high came in May 2012, when he made it to the yusho playoff against Kyokutenho. The two rank-and-filers were tied at 12 wins on the final day, both having outlasted Yokozuna Hakuho and no less than six Ozeki. Tochiozan’s chance for the title was denied with an edgy hatakikomi by the Mongolian.

He finishes up his competitive days with 6 gold stars and 6 special prizes.

Tochiozan vs. Kyokutenho (Natsu Basho 2012)

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Source: Nikkan Sports

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