Yokozuna Kakuryu Out with Elbow Injury

Once again, Kakuryu pulls out due to injury. This time he aggrivated a right elbow injury during his opening day loss to Maegashira 1 Endo, who evaded Kakuryu’s fully committed foot sweep and let him fall by his own mistake. The finishing move, considered a non-technique was termed “koshi kudake,” which means “hip break,” and refers to any fall caused by the loser, rather than their opponent.

According to his stablemaster, Michinoku-oyakata (former Ozeki Kirishima), Kakuryu’s initial injury actually came during practice on the 13th. “He aggrivated it during the fall. Since he’s afraid of hitting his opponents now, I think it’s best to let the injury heal completely,” advised Michinoku.

The Yokozuna presented a doctor’s note to the sumo association on the 20th stating, “The right elbow ligament is expected to require two weeks of medical treatment to heal.” This will be the second kyujo for Kakuryu this year, the first coming in January, on top of three tournament withdrawals in 2019. His scheduled opponent Daieisho picked up the default win on day 2.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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