Ura Extends Winning Streak at July Basho

Ura, the exciting former top division fighter from Kise stable, won his third straight bout on Friday against Tsushimanada, going 3-0 at Makushita #19. This win extends an already impressive comeback record as well.

In Friday’s bout, Ura read a dodgy tachiai by Tsushimanada (Makushita #21), dove low under the Sakaigawa wrestler’s defense, and forced him out in one go. “I moved well,” Ura commented after the match, “I just kept my eyes on him, pushed forward, and everything worked out.”

The last time Ura lost was bout six at Kyushu Basho in November of last year. The loss was controversial as Ura had clearly tackled his opponent, Chiyotora, however the gyoji’s initial decision was overturned. The judges cited a touchdown of Ura’s right arm before the throw was completed. It was his second comeback tournament after knee surgery.

Ura vs. Chiyotora, Kyushu Basho 2019

Ura went on to win his final match of 2019, completing the tournament at 6-1. His winning streak, starting then, was extended to 18 today. And his record since coming back to competition a second time is now 23 wins, 1 loss, a Jonidan title, and a Sandanme title.

On the current condition of his knees, “I can’t say much, but I’m still doing my best. I think it is getting better through rehabilitation,” said the optimistic 28 year old, “It’s not over yet though. I’d like to keep moving forward without injury.”

Source: Nikkan Sports

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