Abi in Trouble Once Again, Withdraws from July Basho

The notorious Abi (Maegashira #5) is once again in the spotlight for some mischief after going out for dinner with company after Friday’s fights. This led to the newlywed’s early withdrawal from competition at the strictly held July tournament. With meticulous measures being taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus while still holding a tournament with live spectators, Abi’s disregard for the rules sees him under fire from sumo officials.

“He went to dinner with some people, so we decided to play it safe and withdraw from the tournament,” said Abi’s stablemaster Shikoroyama. While Shikoroyama offered a relatively passive remark on the situation, PR director Shibatayama expressed his disappointment in the rebellious rikishi.

“While everyone has been patient, he has been doing things like sleeping through a recent workshop. It keeps happening. We have to do this in the spirit of protecting our castle. He must think about where we are living,” said an angry Shibatayama, referring not only to this incident, but Abi’s recent actions which triggered a social media ban for all wrestlers.

Abi was also recorded saying that he, “did not hear anything because I was sleeping,” through a workshop addressing said social media conduct. “He’s misbehaved so many times. I want him to consider the situation the world is in right now. He’s not a child so he should understand this,” concluded Shibatayama.

This will be considered a ‘sick leave’ of sorts, and Abi will be retested for COVID-19 within the following days. He will not be allowed back for the rest of the basho, meaning he leaves behind a record of 3-4, including his day 7 absence. So far lossless Sekiwake Mitakeumi was his scheduled opponent and receives the fusensho.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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