Kotonowaka Leaves Action with Knee Injury

Maegashira #13 Kotonowaka of Sadogatake-beya has withdrawn from the July tournament after day 7 citing a left knee injury. Kotonowaka lost to M10 Kaisei by tsukitaoshi, twisting his knee and striking it while falling from the dohyo.

Father and stablemaster of the injured wrestler, Sadogatake-oyakata told reporters that Kotonowaka had felt his knee twist while falling and that he could not bend it Sunday morning. “I told him to rest it if he couldn’t squat,” said Sadogatake.

Kaisei vs. Kotonowaka (Nagoya 2020, Day 7)

Kotonowaka leaves behind a score of 4-4, Maegashira #11 Tochinoshin taking the freebie win on day 8. He will have a more detailed medical inspection on Monday and may still return to action if things look alright. According to Sadogatake-oyakata, “He’s taking the advice of the past, ‘Heal injuries through training.’ Injuries indicate a lack of physical strength.”

Best of luck, whichever approach he takes…

Source: Nikkan Sports

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