Nakabi Report | “Nagoya” 2020

It’s Nakabi! Wakamotoharu is leading Juryo with 7 wins, followed by Mitoryu with 6.

Terunofuji (7-1) is holding his own pretty easily at M17, his only loss so far coming from fellow former Ozeki Takayasu on day 5. He faces Sadanoumi next.

New top division rikishi Kotoshoho (6-2) lost to Sadanoumi today but has been having a good debut, starting off with 5 straight wins, and now only 2 wins away from kachikoshi. He will fight Ikioi tomorrow.

Kotonowaka (4-4) is out with a left knee injury, which gives Tochinoshin (5-3) some “payed time off” so to speak. He advances to 5 and 3 with M8 Ishiura as his next opponent.

Enho (4-4) has had a back and forth start, having the most success with heavier opponents. Tomorrow he faces Ozeki Takakeisho who he has not yet figured out how to beat.

Yutakayama and Onosho are still winless after Nakabi, both picking up makekoshi today.

Sekiwake Mitakeumi (7-1) had a great start with no losses up to day 8. But a tsukiotoshi by fellow Sekiwake Shodai (7-1) sees them both tied now at 7 and 1. Shodai has the slight edge now in their 11 to 10 rivalry. Mitakeumi will fight M3 Kiribayama for the first time tomorrow, and Shodai takes on M4 Kagayaki.

Kadoban Ozeki Takakeisho (5-3) suffered a quick third loss today against Hokutofuji, but he has 7 days to get the 3 wins he still needs to save his rank.

New Ozeki Asanoyama (8-0) remains undefeated, beating Aoiyama with a solid yorikiri, and earns the first Kachikoshi of the tournament. He fights Komusubi Okinoumi tomorrow, and has yet to face Sekiwake and above.

Running through all his opponents one by one is Yokozuna Hakuho (8-0) who stays perfect and shares the lead with Asanoyama. Hakuho takes on M4 Aoiyama in tomorrows last match-up.

An exciting yusho race is taking form already, with a determined Ozeki and an ever dominant Yokozuna in the lead. Following closely behind are two hungry Sekiwake and a former top division champion and Ozeki clawing his way back to the top.

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