No Yokozuna Left at July Basho, Title Race Narrows

The remaining Yokozuna, Hakuho, is withdrawing from day 13 of Shichigatsu Basho (July tournament) in Tokyo. The cause is a meniscus and patellofemoral ligament injury in the right knee, as well as some arthritis. The treatment is expected to take two weeks, suggesting he, like the others who have already exited, probably will not be back to finish the tournament.

Hakuho had just fallen out of the top spot in the yusho race after losing to Mitakeumi, his day 12 opponent. Falling hard after a tsukiotoshi at the edge, Hakuho took a slow limping walk back to the East side of the dohyo before climbing back up to bow and acknowledge his defeat. Now with a score of 10-2, many fans speculated he would be the next to pull out.

The two leaders in the yusho race (Ozeki Asanoyama and Maegashira #17 Terunofuji) face off on Friday, so the day will end with a sole leader between the two of them. Sekiwake Shodai will receive the fusensho (default win) and move to 10-3.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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