Kotoyuki “Tags In” Stablemate Kotonowaka

Another top division wrestler from Sadogatake-beya is out. The first was rising star Kotonowaka (M13) on day 8 due to left knee pain; this time it’s Maegashira 17 Kotoyuki because of a right knee injury. As the younger rikishi Kotonowaka made a reentry to competition on Saturday, Kotoyuki did not show up, forfeiting the win to M12 Shohozan.

According to the medical certificate he submitted to the Japan Sumo Association, Kotoyuki’s injury, which appears to be a strain or tear of the right lateral collateral ligament, may take a month of treatment to heal properly. Leaving behind a record of 6-7, this will be Kotoyuki’s 10th kyujo since beginning his career in 2008. Five other top division wrestlers have withdrawn this month so far, including returnee Kotonowaka.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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