Former Tokitsukaze Coach Passes

67 year old Adachi Toshimasa, a former sumo coach and top division wrestler, died on Sunday after a prolonged battle with cancer.

Working as an advisor for the JSA past the normal retirement age of 65, Mr. Adachi (or Takekuma-oyakata as he was most recently named) began to experience the irreversible affects of multiple myeloma. The condition, which attacks plasma and can weaken bones, eventually reached his lower back.

“I heard that he was hospitalized about a month ago,” said stablemaster Tokitsukaze, “The nerves in his back were deteriorating, and it looked like he had trouble walking. He was helpful to me in many ways, taking over coaching when I was absent.”

Entering pro-sumo in September, 1970 through Isenoumi-beya, Adachi transferred to the newly established Kagamiyama-beya shortly after. Taking on the shikona Zaonishiki, he reached his career high in 1981 by achieving the rank of West Maegashira #1 in January and defeating Yokozuna Kitanoumi in September of the same year. He retired from competition in 1983.

Adachi coached at Kagamiyama-beya for several years before settling into Tokitsukaze-beya in 2002. Borrowing several elder names throughout his coaching career, Adachi retired from the sumo world under the Takekuma name in September 2019.

The cancer finally took over around 6 a.m. on Sunday. Mr. Adachi’s final breath was taken in Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture. He is survived by his wife Tokiko.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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