19 Tamanoi Wrestlers Infected

Tamanoi-beya has become the latest epicenter of coronavirus within the professional sumo world. 19 total infections have been reported out of Tamanoi as of Thursday, including Juryo #14 Fujiazuma, and the September 5th case which prompted a full examination of said stable. All except for Fujiazuma are at Makushita or lower.

12 of the infected rikishi have been admitted to a nearby medical institution, but all are in “good” condition. The remaining seven are asymptomatic but are to be monitored closely.

With the start of Aki Basho less than a week away, all Tamanoi wrestlers will be barred from participating. As for what will become of the entire stable’s ranks, PR director Shibatayama said, “I can’t really comment on that right now, but it will have to be decided  by the rank-deciding committee in a post-basho board meeting.”

Shibatayama went on to say, “It’s not that the infection is that bad, but we do need to take some sort of action.” As there have not been any other current coronavirus cases reported elsewhere, “We have to stop the infection there [at Tamanoi-beya]. We put a firm end to outings by wrestlers, so there should be no issue in holding the tournament,” he explained.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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