Aki 2020 | Bout of the Day #2 | Shimanoumi vs. Hoshoryu

Maegashira #16 Hoshoryu (Tatsunami), the nephew of legendary Mongolian Yokozuna Asashoryu, experienced his first top division loss today, following his debut win against Ichinojo on Sunday. Day 2 saw him face 31 year old M15 Shimanoumi (Kise), a relatively late-blooming Maegashira mainstay. Their first meeting in Monday’s second Makuuchi bout was a classic “striker vs. grappler” scenario, Hoshoryu preferring to work throws and force-outs from a right-hand inside belt grip, and Shimanoumi specializing in oshi-zumo.

Hoshoryu’s banzuke climb since debuting in the sport has been fairly quick, and not to mention well publicized, given his family status. The 21 year old weighs in at about 289lbs/131kg, making him one of the lightest in the top division, and as a result, one of the most fun to watch when it comes to crafty fighting styles.

Two time (consecutive) Juryo champion Shimanoumi is the shorter, but heavier fighter, weighing in around 352lbs/160kg. He had a rough start this month, losing to another Makuuchi debutant, Tobizaru on Sunday. The pressure was clearly on for Monday’s match, and Shimanoumi came through just barely!

EastTale of the TapeWest
W. Maegashira #2RankW. Ozeki
5 winsPast Meetings (14)9 wins
2-2Record this Basho3-1

A straight forward tachiai from both men. Shimanoumi kept up a strong and balanced pushing attack, backing Hoshoryu up and denying him any chance of seizing the belt. At the edge, Hoshoryu grabbed a desperate left overhook and began to pivot, but he was out of room to turn fully. Shimanoumi smothered the smaller wrestler with a yoritaoshi, and the two fell off the dohyo to the ground with a “smack.”

“It was a mistake to be too relaxed,” said Hoshoryu after the match, “I want to think about what’s to come while focusing during my matches.” He falls to 1-1, while Shimanoumi advances to 1-1. A relief to be sure for the older of the two, not having lost to two top division first timers in a row!

Sources: Tokyo Sports Web | NHK

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