Kotoshogiku Out with Calf Strain

According to a medical certificate presented to the JSA on the 15th, Kotoshogiku has strained his left calf muscle and will likely take around two weeks to heal. The East Maegashira #11 from Sadogatake-beya withdrew from day 3 action, forfeiting a win to West M11 Chiyotairyu. Kotoshogiku leaves with a single win so far.

After his day 2 match against Meisei in which he injured his leg, Kotoshogiku told reporters, “I heard a tearing sound.” As his pain continued into the morning of day three, he said, “I can’t put my foot on the ground.” It was then that he decided to go kyujo. He is eager to get back into the action though, as he’s been close to the edge of demotion to Juryo for the past three tournaments. If that were to happen, it would be the former Ozeki’s first visit to division 2 in over 15 years.

Along with both Yokozuna, Ishiura, Abi, Azumaryu, and Fujiazuma; Kotoshogiku will be the 7th salaried rikishi to sit out during Aki Basho.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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