Aki 2020 | Bout of the Day #4 | Tamawashi vs. Takakeisho

Veteran pusher-thruster Tamawashi and young Ozeki Takakeisho faced off on day 4, both seeking their third win. Takakeisho took his first loss of the basho yesterday, falling to East M2 Hokutofuji. This came after a solid start with oshidashi wins against July’s champion Terunofuji and Komusubi Okinoumi respectively. Tamawashi went into today with signature wins of his own; a tsukiotoshi against an eager new Sekiwake Daieisho on day 1, and an oshidashi of his own versus Okinoumi yesterday.

EastTale of the TapeWest
W. Maegashira #2RankW. Ozeki
5 winsPast Meetings (14)9 wins
2-2Record this Basho3-1

Takakeisho won the tachiai, lifting Tamawashi off his front foot, but the veteran responded with a change of angle and a flurry of thrusts to reclaim center dohyo. A few slaps from Takakeisho were met with a stiff face push which Tamawashi used to take the Ozeki almost all the way to the West edge. A left handed deflection and evasive steps to the left took the younger fighter out of danger for a second. Squaring up again and exchanging chest shoves, Takakeisho finally broke his more experienced opponent’s rhythm and rallied forward, following Tamawashi out for another oshidashi win.

Source: NHK

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