Aki 2020 | Bout of the Day #8 | Sadanoumi vs. Tobizaru

Exciting new top division wrestler Tobizaru has been catching everyone’s attention with his often wild style of fighting. Living up to his shikona, which actually means “flying monkey,” relative lightweight Tobizaru reminds us a lot of our beloved Ura, whose creative style has had fans following him throughout his lower division journey. Like a lot of the lighter rikishi, even Tobizaru’s losses have been quite fun to watch.

On Nakabi, veteran Sadanoumi rose to the challenge of dealing with Tobizaru’s antics. There is a stark difference in experience between the 33 year old Sadanoumi with over 1000 fights under his belt, and 28 year old Tobizaru who has fought less than 400. This may have been the deciding factor in this entertaining match.

EastTale of the TapeWest
E. Maegashira #10RankE. Maegashira #14
Migi yotsu-zumoStyleOshi-zumo
N/APast MeetingsN/A
2-5Record this Basho6-1

After a head on tachiai and some hand-fighting at center ring, the rookie made Sadanoumi back up a few feet. Uncomfortable with the situation, Sadanoumi tried some lateral movement before reaching in for a right outside mawashi grip. This was instantly broken off with a complete 360 spin by the wily Tobizaru, who went chest to chest instantly before breaking off and pushing the fight back to the middle.

Keeping Sadanoumi off with a stiff arm and a few slaps, Tobizaru next went for a kirikaeshi (leg kick) to the veteran’s right leg, followed by a slap down, which he’s ended fights with before. Unfortunately, this time it was his undoing. Sadanoumi’s right leg shifted out to the side a bit from the kick, but he stabilized quickly and crowded the younger fighter. With Tobizaru now in a tight-rope stance, Sadanoumi simply slapped him to the side for a tsukiotoshi win.

“It was good until about half way, then I dug my own grave,” said Tobizaru, spirits evidently still high. Looking to the future he said, “I want to concentrate on doing my own sumo going forward.” Tobizaru will aim for his 7th win on Monday against top division returnee M13 Meisei.

Source: Nikkan Sports | NHK

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