Yutakayama Forfeits Win to Asanoyama

Tokitsukaze wrestler, Yutakayama injured his right leg in his match against Ozeki Takakeisho on day 7 of the 2020 Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament. The official diagnosis was a strain of the right anterior tibiofemoral ligament, which caused the East Maegashira #4 to withdraw from Sunday’s action.

The injury was caused by a twisting force on the lower right leg, according to Yutakayama. This was his 5th loss of the tournament, and his withdrawal is indefinite. His opponent was Ozeki Asanoyama who had had a disappointing start to the basho and could use the freebie win, advancing to 5-3. Yutakayama is the 7th top division rikishi to go kyujo this month.

The 6th to take a rest from action was M11 Kotoshogiku, who reentered the tournament on Sunday and lost to Makuuchi debutant M16 Hoshoryu. Near the end of their match, Kotoshogiku seemed to give up, possibly favoring a still hurting leg. Whether he will fight again on Monday is yet to be determined, but he will be in danger of demotion to Juryo soon if he does not post at least a few wins this tournament.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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