Kiribayama Forced to Drop Out of Title Race

East Maegashira #5 Kiribayama of Michinoku Stable strained his left rotator cuff on day 9 of the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament, and will likely be out for the remainder of the basho. The injury occurred during his match against Ozeki Takakeisho, in which he heard a “popping” sound. According to Michinoku-oyakata, a September comeback depends on the results of a full medical evaluation.

Even with a record of 6-3 after Monday, the Mongolian native still had a reasonable shot in an unprecedented title race where there are no Yokozuna, and the group of six leaders after day 9 were only at 7-2. Unfortunately though, his day 10 forfeit to Ozeki Asanoyama put him out of contention and will lead to demotion if he in fact does not return to action. This was Asanoyama’s (7-3) second fusensho of the tournament.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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