Aki 2020 | Bout of the Day #11 | Enho vs. Shimanoumi

“They’re figuring him out.” That’s what people are saying now that Enho’s top division kachi-koshi streak has been replaced by 3 make-koshi in a row. But here are some reasons the lightweight may not be disappearing from the main broadcast as soon as some may think.

  1. The thing is, the majority of wrestlers get “figured out” after a while, even the super talented ones. But it isn’t losing now that will determine whether Enho is fit to be a Makuuchi mainstay. It mostly depends on his focus, mental toughness, and ability to keep adapting and changing the way he fights.
  2. The unforgiving rise and fall within sumo ranks demonstrates time and time again, it’s harder to win at the top! Enho blew through the bottom three divisions with perfect scores in his pro debut. He’s falling from his highest rank now, a rank where he fought all of sanyaku, and Yokozuna Kakuryu. Not many do well their first time in those slots.
  3. Some of his toughest opponents are Shohozan, Kagayaki, Shodai, Takakeisho, and Yutakayama, but Enho is still able to beat opponents who have him “figured out.” Case in point, Shimanoumi. Before today, the two have gone back and forth mostly in Juryo, with Shimanoumi having the 4-2 edge. But Enho is still able to come back today and squeeze out a win.
W. Maegashira #9RankE. Maegashira #15
Hidari yotsu-zumoStyleOshi-zumo
2 winsPast Meetings (6)4 wins
2-8Record this Basho4-6
(stats before day 11)

Source: NHK

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