Takakeisho’s Shoulder May Be an Issue [Video]

After defeating veteran Maegashira #5 Takarafuji with a diving oshidashi on day 11 of Aki Basho, Ozeki Takakeisho was seen having difficulty using his right arm to prop himself up. He was finally able to get up after several seconds of struggle where it seemed like something had partially dislocated. Afterwards, the now 9-2 tournament coleader informed reporters, “It’s ok. It’s a daily occurrence.”

Giving no indication of resting the possibly problematic shoulder, “It’s not Senshuraku yet. It’s still just day 11,” said Takakeisho, “If I lost the rest of my bouts I’d be 9-6. I want to focus on tomorrow and do my best.” Tomorrow he seeks his 10th win in a match against Komusubi Endo.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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