Aki 2020 | Bout of the Day #13 | Myogiryu vs. Tamawashi

Today’s bout of the day features two former Sekiwake with over 27 years of professional experience between them. Both fighters entered day 13 with a record of 5-7, one loss away from make-koshi, so it became a make-or-break situation if either one of them was trying to climb back to sanyaku.

On paper, not much is different between them. A late-blooming top division Yusho at the beginning of last year suggests M2 Tamawashi may have the more successful career overall, but both men have spent an equal amount of time in the sanyaku ranks, and M3 Myogiryu’s three Juryo titles and six gold stars speak to his own formidability in the sport.

In the East, Myogiryu is the slightly (by sumo standards) smaller rikishi, as well as the younger by 2 years. Both men have the same preferred style of pushing and thrusting, which they both used to great effect last basho, achieving ten wins each. That being said, the main advantage in this match-up comes down to their previous meetings, of which Tamawashi has won over half.

E. Maegashira #3RankW. Maegashira #2
6’1 / 187cmHeight6’2 / 189cm
342lbs / 155kgWeight370lbs / 168kg
4 winsPast Meetings (13)9 wins
5-7Record this Basho5-7
(stats before day 13)

Myogiryu committed fully to the tachiai, lifting Tamawashi’s posture. Shifting to the side, Tamawashi deflected, only to be met with a diligent barrage of thrusts from the Sakaigawa wrestler. Unable to answer effectively, Tamawashi backpedaled to the West edge to brace against the bales before launching a counter attack. Myogiryu was ready though, pulling hard and following up with a slap-down attempt. Tamawashi stumbled across center ring but was able to square up again and continue shoving.

Myogiryu now with the deflection, and straight into a double underhook. Staying low and driving, he kept Tamawashi from securing a grip. The Mongolian tried for a desperate right kotenage, but Myogiryu stayed with it and plowed him to the ground! Myogiryu’s win saves him from make-koshi for one more day, but he must win his remaining two bouts if he wants to rank up.

Source: NHK

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