Terunofuji and Chiyotairyu Bring the Withdrawal Total to 13

July’s top division champion M1 Terunofuji has announced his withdrawal from Aki Basho due to resurfacing left knee pain from osteoarthritis. He leaves the tournament with a record of 8-4, a majority of wins that will ensure a historical promotion back to sanyaku. Treatment is expected to take three weeks. Surprise title contender Wakatakakage gets the freebie win.

M11 Chiyotairyu has also dropped out because of fasciitis in his left calf and joint pain in his right ankle. Going kyujo with a 5-7 record put him among those to be demoted in November. His day 13 opponent was Tokushoryu who moves to 6-7.

With today’s dropouts, the number of kyujo salaried wrestlers is now at 13, inching dangerously close to 14 kyujo which hasn’t been seen since Nagoya Basho 2010. Withdrawn sekitori for Aki are as follows:

Day 1:
J14 Fujiazuma (Tamanoi-beya virus outbreak)
J7 Azumaryu (Tamanoi-beya virus outbreak)
M14 Abi (suspension)
M13 Ishiura (injury; entered on day 8)
Y. Kakuryu (injury)
Y. Hakuho (injury)

Day 3:
M11 Kotoshogiku (injury; returned on day 7)

Day 5:
M16 Kyokutaisei (injury)

Day 8:
M4 Yutakayama (injury)

Day 10:
M5 Kiribayama (injury; returned on day 13)

Day 12:
K. Endo (injury)

Day 13:
M11 Chiyotairyu (injury)
M1 Terunofuji (injury)

Source: Nikkan Sports

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