Aki 2020 | Bout of the Day #14 | Hoshoryu vs. Kagayaki

Young throwing specialist Hoshoryu faced the giant (6’4) Kagayaki for the first time today. Hoshoryu’s debut in Makuuchi has been an interesting back and forth, winning one or two days — usually in exciting fashion — and losing one or two more, often with a painful slam to the clay. He’s been carrying the burden of a 7th loss since day 12, so every match since then is do or die. Kagayaki had a little more room to breathe than his opponent, going into day 14 with one loss to spare before make-koshi. He’s been putting his striking skills to good use so far this tournament.

W. Maegashira #16RankW. Maegashira #6
6’1 / 186cmHeight6’4 / 193cm
289lbs / 131kgWeight350lbs / 160kg
Migi yotsu-zumoStyleOshi-zumo
N/APast Meetings (0)N/A
6-7Record this Basho7-6
(stats before day 14)

Hoshoryu went head on off the shikiri-sen, but his heavier and taller opponent was the first to claim center dohyo. Working his way around Kagayaki’s initial shoves, Hoshoryu reached for whatever right hand belt grip he could find. Kagayaki did a good job of keeping him at arms length though, before pinning him against the Southern edge with two arms inside.

Having grown up with a strong Mongolian wrestling base, the nephew of Yokozuna Asashoryu reverted to his strongest skills. Leaned way back with not much of a grip of his own, Hoshoryu began with a left over right step. Then pivoting more than 360 degrees to the left, he threw his right leg back for a highlight real kakenage (hooking throw)!

Both competitors are now at 7-7 with one chance left to make kachi-koshi. Kagayaki fights Brazilian Kaisei (7-7) tomorrow, and Hoshoryu takes on Sadanoumi (also 7-7).

Source: NHK

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