Aki 2020 | Senshuraku Preview

On the second to last day of Aki Basho 2020, Chiyonokuni secured the Juryo division championship with a slapdown against Wakamotoharu. This is his third time winning a second division title, and he did it with a comfortable two win margin. Congratulations to him!

It has come down to the final day in the top division. Three men can walk away with the Emperor’s Cup, they are: Sekiwake Shodai, the sole leader at 12-2, Ozeki Takakeisho at 11-3, and dark horse Makunouchi debutant Tobizaru, level with the Ozeki at 11 wins.

Our newest Ozeki, Asanoyama, has had another disappointing basho. After three straight losses right off the bat, he put himself back in contention with 10 straight wins, 2 of them in the form of defaults.

Day 14 saw him face Shodai, more determined than ever to get that first championship and join the Ozeki forces. Shodai came off the starting line with bad intentions, following through with a brutal oshitaoshi knock down. This sent Asanoyama back to the drawing board, and set himself up for an almost guaranteed yusho.

But don’t forget chasers Takakeisho and Tobizaru. Although Tobizaru accepted his day 14 slapdown from Takakeisho with grace, he’s still no doubt game to take a whack at leader Shodai on Senshuraku.

If Shodai puts the rookie in his place, he will almost positively be promoted to Ozeki in the days following. The current Ozeki would then face each other to decide the runner up situation. It is actually possible for there to be up to 5 runners up this basho!

Otherwise, if Tobizaru wins, there will be a guaranteed playoff. Takakeisho can enter this potential playoff if he wins the following bout against his fellow Ozeki who he’s beaten 3 out of 7 tries.

Join us tomorrow for the exciting conclusion and your 2020 Aki Basho Recap!

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