Shodai Prepares for Ozeki Promotion

Aki Basho’s top division champion Shodai has finally reached his long sought-after milestone of sumo’s second highest rank. In preparation for his Ozeki promotion acceptance speech, he has selected a special “four character idiom” which is customary for this situation. The one he chose is meant to express his desired way of life from now on.

One example of a four character idiom is “issho kenmei,” meaning “with utmost effort.” There are many phrases like this in a language and culture that puts great value on inner strength, trying hard, and persevering.

The phrase Shodai has chosen is “shisei ikkan,” which means, “always with sincerity.” Such is the fervor Shodai wants apply to his wrestling, and it’s the attitude he wants to display for those following his career.

The promotion ceremony is to be held Wednesday once it has been officially approved by the rank-deciding committee. A live stream of the ceremony on Nihon Sumo Kyokai’s official YouTube channel will be available at 9am (Japan Standard Time).

Source: Nikkan Sports

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