10 Tatsunami Wrestlers Test Positive

On Wednesday, it was reported that three anonymous lower division wrestlers had tested positive for COVID-19 after developing high fevers and coughs. On Friday, seven new cases found within the same stable were made public. Since the infected group includes one of Tatsunami-beya’s top division rikishi, Akua, said stable has been identified as the home of all 10 cases.

At least one of the infected wrestlers has been admitted to hospital. Adhering to guidance from a Tsukuba City health center near the stable, 17 people who have been in close contact with the wrestlers concerned (apparently only Tatsunami-beya residents) have taken PCR tests. This is the first outbreak within professional sumo since almost all of Tamanoi-beya got infected right before the September tournament.

Tatsunami-beya’s statement on Facebook read, “All infected wrestlers are either in hospital or quarantining at a hotel. As for their condition, none are seriously ill.” They went on to assure concerned fans that the training room has been professionally sterilized and will be re-sterilized later on.

We wish all the best to those affected. Please pull through!

Source: Nikkan Sports

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