Minato-oyakata Hospitalized, Tatsunami-beya Adds 1 to Infected List

On the 15th, 52 year old Minato-oyakata developed symptoms and tested positive for coronavirus. He was hospitalized on Thursday. An investigation by a Saitama area healthcare facility determined there had been no close contact recently with other Minato Stable dwellers, but PCR tests were administered to all 10 Minato wrestlers per sumo association policy. None came back positive, somewhat explaining M13 Ichinojo’s participation in the inter-stable workouts this week.

One more lower division wrestler from Tatsunami-beya tested positive on Saturday. PR director Shibatayama told reporters, “He tested negative on the 10th, but he developed a drippy nose and other symptoms on the 17th. He took another test on the 18th, and today it came back positive.” This anonymous wrestler is the 11th member of Tatsunami-beya to become infected, however, earlier cases from the stable have been improving.

Because of a nationwide surge in COVID-19 cases, the Kyokai issued a recent directive for all stables to up their safety measures and to be compliant with a strict “no outing” policy beginning on the 25th. This will hopefully result in a corona-free start to Hatsu Basho in three weeks.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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