Arashio Stable Newest Outbreak

It was revealed on the last day of 2020 that Maegashira #2 Wakatakakage had developed symptoms and tested positive for COVID-19. He had apparently not been in contact with any others outside of Arashio-beya. Subsequent tests within the stable came back on New Years Day, indicating 11 more infections, including Arashio-oyakata (former top division Sokokurai), J5 Wakamotoharu (one of Wakatakakage’s brothers), eight lower division rikishi, and one hairdresser. Out of the 12 infected, three of them report experiencing symptoms.

According to PR director Shibatayama, the sumo association is waiting for word on a possible state of emergency declaration by Tokyo’s mayor. How they will proceed (or not proceed) with Hatsu Basho 2021 (beginning on the 10th in Tokyo) will depend largely upon this news.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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