Takakeisho Withdraws from New Year Tournament

November’s top division champion Ozeki Takakeisho has decided to withdraw from Hatsu Basho 2021 after a disappointing first half. Coming off of his recent title and a runner-up result before that in September, the 24 year old had been looking forward to showing that it is indeed possible to reach Yokozuna on his signature push style sumo alone. Four straight losses from day 1, and a 2-7 score going into day 10 prompted the struggling promotion seeker to give it a rest.

Ozeki Takakeisho

Takakeisho’s opponent for day 10 was to be Maegashira #5 Okinoumi, who will move to 6-4 by default. The fusenpai will bring Takakeisho to a dreaded 8th loss, meaning he will be kadoban (in danger of demotion from Ozeki) in March. With 16 salaried wrestlers kyujo from day 1, Takakeisho brings that number to a post-WWII record of 17.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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