Hakuho and Kotoshoho Join Kakuryu on Sidelines

Undefeated so far at the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament, Yokozuna Hakuho’s day 2 win against M1 Takarafuji came at a price. Takarafuji went chest to chest with the Yokozuna, securing a dominant right inside belt grip after the initial scuffle. Unable to reciprocate on his outmatched opponent’s belt, Hakuho took a brief pause at center dohyo, then pivoted out for a kotenage (arm lock throw) against Takarafuji’s right arm.

Apparently aggravating his right knee during the match, Hakuho walked carefully to his corner and appeared to be avoiding a proper sonkyo squat while accepting his 2nd win.

The returning Yokozuna turned in his withdrawal from Haru Basho, citing a flair up of right knee pain which had reportedly been a non-issue pre-tournament. That makes five kyujo in a row for Hakuho, along with fellow Yokozuna Kakuryu, who withdrew prior to opening day.

Youngest in the top division, 21 year old Kotoshoho has also withdrawn from the Spring meet after a bout with Bulgarian giant Aoiyama resulted in a gruesome looking twist of his right ankle. This will be rising star Kotoshoho’s first kyujo since his debut in September 2017.

Hakuho’s next scheduled opponent, Onosho will pick up the default win. And Ryuden will take the freebie from Kotoshoho.

Sources: Nikkan Sports | NHK

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