Nakabi Report | Haru 2021

The following is the transcript to the video posted below.


Halfway through the Spring tournament we’re seeing both of the new Juryo guys, Bushozan and Takakento, hold their own at 4-4. Returning to Juryo, Nishikifuji is 4-4 as well. And Ichiyamamoto, is enjoying a 5-3 comeback to the division.

Enho took the undefeated lead as early as day 4, and held it until his first loss on day 7. The match we’ve all been waiting for happened on Nakabi. Enho vs. Ura! And it did not disappoint, Ura winning by oshitaoshi, and Enho displaying cat like reflexes, holding out until the last moment to touch down with a crazy spin maneuver.

Ura’s win, combined with Chiyomaru‘s loss to Tokushoryu, puts Ura, Enho, and Chiyomaru in a 6 win tie going into the second half. Seven hungry rikishi follow at 7 wins apiece.


Although he looked more than ready to finally compete, Yokozuna Kakuryu pulled out of the tournament before it started due to a thigh injury in training. Haru Basho 2021 began with high hopes of a tough yusho barrier in the form of Yokozuna Hakuho. Through day 2, those hopes looked realistic, until reality hit once again, and Hakuho’s knee gave out. He’ll require another surgery, and says he’ll aim to make his final appearance in July.

With Hakuho gone, and a far from sturdy Ozeki pool in his place, it’s back to anyone’s game this basho. An obvious favorite for title contention is the always insanely strong Terunofuji. At Sekiwake, he only requires 9 wins to meet the criteria for Ozeki (re)promotion. Four of those wins came right off the bat until his first loss on day 5 to rival Onosho.

That loss put M4 Myogiryu in the sole lead. Impressive as his 5 consecutive wins were, it couldn’t last for the former Sekiwake. He fell to a fire-y Hokutofuji on day 6, and Wakatakakage pulled off a tottari on him after that.

This made room for Terunofuji to take the lead again, alongside Komusubi Takayasu and M9 Chiyonokuni. The three of them entered Nakabi with 1 loss each. Chiyonokuni worked hard against the brick wall that is Ichinojo, but to no avail. He drops to 6-2.

Then came the defining bout of the first half. Takayasu took on his fellow former Ozeki, getting both arms in right away, and securing a tight belt grip with the right. He kept Terunofuji off balance the entire time and finished up with a yorikiri. This puts Takayasu in the sole lead now! An exciting first for the brand new father!

That makes four out of seven other top wrestlers that Takayasu has dispatched, including 5-3 Ozeki Asanoyama. Don’t get too excited though; we still have 7 days to go, and Takayasu still needs to face Ozeki Shodai, and two desperate chasers from Tokiwayama Stable! 5-3 Takanosho has beaten him twice out of their 3 bouts. And kadoban Ozeki Takakeisho, although 6-6 against him, has had Takayasu’s number for the last 2 years.

Onosho should not be counted out either when it comes to dethroning the Tagonoura man. They are tied at 5-5 against each other. And on top of that, Onosho was the one to hand Terunofuji his first loss!

Check back on Saturday for a quick Senshuraku Preview, and enjoy the action until then!


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