Senshuraku Preview | Haru 2021

The following is the transcript to the video posted below.

With the lower division titles already decided on day 13, including Abi‘s undefeated return to the third division, all that’s left are the salaried divisions, Juryo and Makunouchi.


Hakuyozan and Takagenji are favored to win the title, currently at 10 wins each. But since they are not fighting each other on Senshuraku, both of them could lose, which could result in a playoff with at least two, and up to four out of the five rikishi currently at 9 wins. Those five are Chiyomaru, Ura, Jokoryu, Ishiura, and Ichiyamamoto. Enho got his kachikoshi on day 11, but has been struggling since. We’ll see what he can do on day 15 against Wakamotoharu.


Well, Takayasu blew his first ever sole lead on day 13 against Wakatakakage. Losing another close one to Tobizaru allowed Terunofuji to take over going into the final day. With his re-promotion to Ozeki already secured, Terunofuji is coming for another title. Asanoyama tried with everything he had today and still could not match this man’s power.

Terunofuji is in the lead, but three rikishi follow right behind at 10 wins each. Aoiyama, who has quietly entered into yusho contention, will face Takayasu. The winner of that match will have a chance, but only if Ozeki Takakeisho, the other chaser, can replicate his November success against Terunofuji. All Terunofuji needs to do is win the regulation bout against Takakeisho and a 3rd Emperor’s Cup is his!

The final bout of Senshuraku will decide whether or not Shodai is the next Ozeki to be kadoban. He faces Asanoyama. Eight others seek their kachikoshi on day 15. Notably Takanosho, Mitakeumi, and Daieisho in sanyaku, and Akiseyama, who could climb to new heights from what is already his career highest rank!

See you tomorrow!

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