Champions, Concussions, Changes, and Consequences | January News

It’s been a week since the sumo world pushed its 2021 luck with the New Year tournament. We all know by now that Maegashira #1 Daieisho won his first top division yusho, beating the entirety of a relatively strong sanyaku, and going 8-0 right from the beginning. If you haven’t seen how this played out,Continue reading “Champions, Concussions, Changes, and Consequences | January News”

“When in doubt, hit hard!” Kotoshogiku’s Retirement, Crazy Techniques, and Injured Stars | Nov. 8-14 News

Starting off with the biggest story of the week… Kotoshogiku Retires Former Ozeki Kotoshogiku of Sadogatake-beya announced his retirement Friday, after losing his last professional match at the rank of Juryo #3 West. The ever popular 36 year old gave his all during this tournament and the one prior while suffering from a calf muscleContinue reading ““When in doubt, hit hard!” Kotoshogiku’s Retirement, Crazy Techniques, and Injured Stars | Nov. 8-14 News”

Active Wrestler Turns 50

The oldest professional sumo wrestler still competing, Hanakaze of Tatsunami-beya, turned 50 years old on May 28th. Hanakaze (Yamaguchi Daisaku) entered the ring for the first time in March 1986, recording only 13 days absent in the 34 years from that time until now. He reached his highest rank of Sandanme 18 in 2003. NeverContinue reading “Active Wrestler Turns 50”

Learning Japanese Spirit from a Hawaiian, a Novice Reporter Meets Akebono

With the current state of emergency in Japan, the sports world continues to observe self restraint. While games are on hold, Nikkan Sports is giving sports reporters a chance to look back on some significant memories they’ve made through the years. Today in Nikkan’s “My Memories as a Sports Reporter,” Imamura Kento recalls his firstContinue reading “Learning Japanese Spirit from a Hawaiian, a Novice Reporter Meets Akebono”

Another “Izutsu Brother” Passes

Fukuzono Yoshimasa, a former Juryo wrestler who went by Kakureizan, has been found dead in his Tokyo home at the age of 60. The cause of death was acute heart failure. He was the son of 13th generation Izutsu-oyakata, and brother of Sakahoko (late Izutsu-oyakata #14) and Terao (Shikoroyama-oyakata). Debuting in the spring of 1975Continue reading “Another “Izutsu Brother” Passes”

Hakuho Donates Masks to Japan and Mongolia

On the 11th, the Japan Sumo Association announced that Yokozuna Hakuho has donated a total of 25,000 masks to Japanese and Mongolian healthcare organizations. He purchased the masks with the prize money he won at Haru Basho in March. Hakuho’s comments were relayed through the JSA: “At the spectator-less March tournament, I was really prayingContinue reading “Hakuho Donates Masks to Japan and Mongolia”

Asashoryu’s Dogs Create a Family

Former Mongolian Yokozuna Asashoryu, who’s real name is Dolgorsurengiin Dagvadorj, posted on twitter (@Asashoryu) with the caption, “Sakura-chan finally became a mama.” About 20 minutes later, he posted photos of the puppies and a proud father, saying, “Masao became a papa.” Having been the 68th Yokozuna, Asashoryu has become an ambassador of sorts between MongoliaContinue reading “Asashoryu’s Dogs Create a Family”