Takayasu Severely Injured on Day 4

West Yokozuna Kakuryu faced West Maegashira 1 Takayasu in the final bout of day 4 of the Spring tournament. During the match, Kakuryu was not able to attack with his desired inside belt grip, but after a patient grip fight the Yokozuna gave up the belt and deflected Takayasu to the side for a tsukiotoshiContinue reading “Takayasu Severely Injured on Day 4”

Haru Basho Banzuke Highlights

The new rankings have finally been announced for Haru Basho 2020! Tokushoryu achieves his highest rank ever After his historical feat of winning a top division tournament from the very lowest rank (M17 West) — only the second time a rikishi has done so — Tokushoryu has jumped an entire 31 ranks to West MaegashiraContinue reading “Haru Basho Banzuke Highlights”

Sumo Wrestlers and Babies, Event Cancelled due to Corona Virus Risk

The Japan Sumo Association announced that they have decided to cancel a photography session where parents have a chance to photograph their babies in the arms of some of their favorite rikishi. The event, frightening for some, adorable for most, was scheduled for February 25th. With the recent fast-moving Corona virus, the event coordinators feltContinue reading “Sumo Wrestlers and Babies, Event Cancelled due to Corona Virus Risk”