Champions, Concussions, Changes, and Consequences | January News

It’s been a week since the sumo world pushed its 2021 luck with the New Year tournament. We all know by now that Maegashira #1 Daieisho won his first top division yusho, beating the entirety of a relatively strong sanyaku, and going 8-0 right from the beginning. If you haven’t seen how this played out,Continue reading “Champions, Concussions, Changes, and Consequences | January News”

Wrestlers Run Away from Overbearing Stable Life

Nine out of the 19 rikishi living at Shikihide-beya packed up and left their sumo home in Ibaraki Prefecture on Tuesday. The group contacted sumo officials from a karaoke booth in Chiba Prefecture. Their main complaint was “moral harassment” from their stablemaster’s wife who has taken a more authoritative role recently. The wrestlers then headedContinue reading “Wrestlers Run Away from Overbearing Stable Life”

Comic Artist Calls for Lifting of Sumo’s Social Media Ban

Famous manga artist and longtime sumo fan Yaku Mitsuru gave his candid opinion on the current state of sumo. A return to training and a lifting of the social media ban were among his wishes for the sport. The following are his words: “There’s nothing we can do about the cancelation. This situation is moreContinue reading “Comic Artist Calls for Lifting of Sumo’s Social Media Ban”

Asanoyama’s Current Attitude, Stablemaster Takasago Checks In

It has been nine years since the 2011 “yaocho” match-fixing scandal tore up the reputation of professional sumo. Spring of that year was the last time a honbasho was canceled. This past Monday, Japan’s state of emergency was extended to the end of the month, and in turn sumo was put on hold. On theContinue reading “Asanoyama’s Current Attitude, Stablemaster Takasago Checks In”

Beloved Dog of Deceased Comedian Ken Shimura Living Well with Sumo Wrestlers

Featured image: Famous comedian/actor Ken Shimura, Japan’s first known celebrity to become infected with coronavirus, died last month at the age of 70, with several ambitions left unfulfilled. His death came as a shock to many generations of Japanese, the Tokyo local having made an imprint on TV screens that spanned 6 decades. (Photo:Continue reading “Beloved Dog of Deceased Comedian Ken Shimura Living Well with Sumo Wrestlers”