Nakabi Report | Haru 2021

The following is the transcript to the video posted below. JURYO Halfway through the Spring tournament we’re seeing both of the new Juryo guys, Bushozan and Takakento, hold their own at 4-4. Returning to Juryo, Nishikifuji is 4-4 as well. And Ichiyamamoto, is enjoying a 5-3 comeback to the division. Enho took the undefeated leadContinue reading “Nakabi Report | Haru 2021”

Update on Antibody Testing

In a phone interview on the Friday, spokesman Shibatayama revealed that, when it comes to history of COVID-19 infections in sumo, there have so far been no further findings from the antibody tests. The association-wide testing began on May 18th. “Nothing out of the ordinary has been reported at this point in the testing process,”Continue reading “Update on Antibody Testing”

Official word on Asanoyama

The Japan Sumo Association has officially decided to promote Asanoyama to Ozeki, not based on the “33 wins” precedent which he did not quite achieve, but for his prolonged winning consistency in the upper ranks, his achievements including a top division yusho, and frankly, the need to fill the upper ranks as other top wrestlersContinue reading “Official word on Asanoyama”

Kakuryu Out — No Yokozuna for Hatsu 2020

On January 16th, Yokozuna Kakuryu reported to the Japan Sumo Association that he would be absent from day 5 of the New Year Basho. Hakuho also pulled out the day before citing cellulitis, a fever, and back pain, leaving this tournament with no Yokozuna. At last year’s September tournament, Kakuryu prematurely left the action afterContinue reading “Kakuryu Out — No Yokozuna for Hatsu 2020”

Hakuho withdraws after giving up two consecutive gold stars

The Japan Sumo Association has announced that Yokozuna Hakuho will be absent from day 4 of the January tournament. Hakuho, who was aiming for a 2nd consecutive (44th total) Emperors Cup, began with an opening day win, but surrendered two consecutive kinboshi wins to M1 East Endo and M1 West Myogiryu on the following days.Continue reading “Hakuho withdraws after giving up two consecutive gold stars”

Smooth Start to Ura’s Second Comeback Tournament

Former top division wrestler, (now Jonidan 28) Ura, scored a quick and easy victory in the first match of his second comeback tournament after knee surgery. After securing an instantaneous inside grip and backing Jonidan 27 Sorakaze directly to the edge, the tachiai was ruled a false start. On the second attempt he didn’t botherContinue reading “Smooth Start to Ura’s Second Comeback Tournament”