Worries Grow Over Confirmed Corona Case

A lower division wrestler tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday after experiencing a fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, and bloody phlegm. His symptoms began on April 4th, and he was promptly isolated from his stablemates. He has been in the hospital since the 8th and is undergoing treatment. According to spokesman Shibatayama, his physical conditionContinue reading “Worries Grow Over Confirmed Corona Case”

Terunofuji Secures Critical 8th Win

On day 12 of the spectator-less 2020 Spring tournament, former Ozeki Terunofuji (currently East Juryo 3) fought Hoshoryu (West Juryo 9), the 20 year old nephew of legendary Yokozuna Asashoryu. Both men went into the day’s match seeking their kachikoshi with 7 wins apiece. After one false start the match was underway. Dodging the muchContinue reading “Terunofuji Secures Critical 8th Win”

Ura’s Climb Back to the Top

A day 11 oshidashi against Akinoyama (of Takadagawa-beya) saw former top division rikishi Ura (Kise-beya) add a 6th consecutive win to his bid for promotion to the Makushita division for May. “He was pretty heavy,” said Ura, looking back on the moment he collided with the over 190 kilo (~420lbs) Sandanme 10. Ura, who isContinue reading “Ura’s Climb Back to the Top”

Haru Basho Banzuke Highlights

The new rankings have finally been announced for Haru Basho 2020! Tokushoryu achieves his highest rank ever After his historical feat of winning a top division tournament from the very lowest rank (M17 West) — only the second time a rikishi has done so — Tokushoryu has jumped an entire 31 ranks to West MaegashiraContinue reading “Haru Basho Banzuke Highlights”