Abi’s Resignation Rejected, Tagonoura is Scolded

After ignoring safety protocols to go out drinking with friends, Abi (Maegashira #5 East) was forced to withdraw midway through the July basho. He submitted a formal resignation to sumo officials on August 4th, but on Thursday, the Japan Sumo Association rejected the letters and decided on a lesser punishment. While most of the professionalContinue reading “Abi’s Resignation Rejected, Tagonoura is Scolded”

Abi in Trouble Once Again, Withdraws from July Basho

The notorious Abi (Maegashira #5) is once again in the spotlight for some mischief after going out for dinner with company after Friday’s fights. This led to the newlywed’s early withdrawal from competition at the strictly held July tournament. With meticulous measures being taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus while still holding a tournamentContinue reading “Abi in Trouble Once Again, Withdraws from July Basho”

Comic Artist Calls for Lifting of Sumo’s Social Media Ban

Famous manga artist and longtime sumo fan Yaku Mitsuru gave his candid opinion on the current state of sumo. A return to training and a lifting of the social media ban were among his wishes for the sport. The following are his words: “There’s nothing we can do about the cancelation. This situation is moreContinue reading “Comic Artist Calls for Lifting of Sumo’s Social Media Ban”