JSA Begins Antibody Testing

The JSA has begun administering antibody tests for COVID-19 to its 1000 plus members. “We are taking the antibody tests starting today,” said spokesman Shibatayama, “It was already administered to two stables, a total of 43 individuals.” He explained that going forward, two or three stables (roughly 50 people) per day will take the test.Continue reading “JSA Begins Antibody Testing”

Friends of Shobushi Pay Tribute

After the first coronavirus death in sumo on Wednesday, friends and colleagues of the young wrestler gave their condolences, and several looked back on his life and career. Shobushi was known for his part in “shokkiri,” slapstick performances demonstrating illegal moves and essentially everything that should not go down during a sumo match. Waki Katsuyoshi,Continue reading “Friends of Shobushi Pay Tribute”

Doctor Comments on Death of Young Wrestler

Humanitarian, author, and honorary director at Suwa Chuo Hospital in Nagano, Dr. Kamata Minoru commented on the recent death of lower division wrestler Shobushi. Suetake Kiyotaka (Shobushi’s real name) was the first known case of coronavirus within professional sumo, followed by his stablemaster Takadagawa, senior stablemate Hakuyozan, and four other lower division wrestlers from hisContinue reading “Doctor Comments on Death of Young Wrestler”

First COVID Death in Sumo

The unnamed lower division wrestler who became the first case of coronavirus within sumo has died. On May 13th, 28 year old fourth division wrestler Shobushi of Takadagawa-beya was pronounced dead after presenting with pneumonia and multiple organ failure. He is the first sumo wrestler, and in fact, the first professional Japanese athlete to dieContinue reading “First COVID Death in Sumo”

Onosho Aims for Sanyaku Return

Returning to the top ranks after over two years, West Maegashira 2 Onosho of Onomatsu-beya is applying laser focus to his fundamental skills in hopes of a re-promotion to sanyaku. On the 12th he spoke about his current progress in training, relaying the information through the JSA as is protocol lately. “Right now I’m focusingContinue reading “Onosho Aims for Sanyaku Return”

Hakuho Donates Masks to Japan and Mongolia

On the 11th, the Japan Sumo Association announced that Yokozuna Hakuho has donated a total of 25,000 masks to Japanese and Mongolian healthcare organizations. He purchased the masks with the prize money he won at Haru Basho in March. Hakuho’s comments were relayed through the JSA: “At the spectator-less March tournament, I was really prayingContinue reading “Hakuho Donates Masks to Japan and Mongolia”

Comic Artist Calls for Lifting of Sumo’s Social Media Ban

Famous manga artist and longtime sumo fan Yaku Mitsuru gave his candid opinion on the current state of sumo. A return to training and a lifting of the social media ban were among his wishes for the sport. The following are his words: “There’s nothing we can do about the cancelation. This situation is moreContinue reading “Comic Artist Calls for Lifting of Sumo’s Social Media Ban”

Asanoyama’s Current Attitude, Stablemaster Takasago Checks In

It has been nine years since the 2011 “yaocho” match-fixing scandal tore up the reputation of professional sumo. Spring of that year was the last time a honbasho was canceled. This past Monday, Japan’s state of emergency was extended to the end of the month, and in turn sumo was put on hold. On theContinue reading “Asanoyama’s Current Attitude, Stablemaster Takasago Checks In”

Summer Tournament Officially Canceled

It has been decided that Natsu Basho will be canceled altogether. This decision came after Japan’s state of emergency, which was originally to expire on May 6th, was extended to May 31st. Natsu Basho 2020 will be the first canceled honbasho since the “yaocho” match fixing scandal of early 2011 forced a shut down ofContinue reading “Summer Tournament Officially Canceled”

Final Decision on Natsu Basho to be Made Monday

According to Shibatayama-oyakata, a final decision on whether or not to hold Natsu Basho could be made by the Japan Sumo Association as soon as May 4th, the same day that the government is expected to make an announcement regarding the extension of a state of emergency. “I believe the sumo association will make aContinue reading “Final Decision on Natsu Basho to be Made Monday”